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HSMP logoWelcome to the home for HS Machine Performance's web site. While our new web site is being developed, make sure you find and "Like" us on Facebook so that you don't miss out on any new announcements from HSMP.

HS Machine Performance elevates the Hulten Speed Sports' performance reputation to the next level by being able to design, machine and test all our performance kits "in-house" for dyno-proven, repeatable performance without farming out any of the machining process.

It's been almost a year now that Ray Hulten's side kick Josh Swieton was ready to further his knowledge in the performance world. Josh's background is very extensive in the snowmobile industry. From the 1st phone call, Ray knew we had to make this work.

Throughout the summer the idea of HS Machine Performance was BORN. Josh has a degree in running MasterCam. This helps our motorcycle CNC program immensely. Ray is a Dynojet "Master Tuner" with continuous updated classes & schooling. The idea of Josh running our engine dyno made perfect sense.

We called our friends at Bully Dog & started what is now a great relationship. Please jump over to HS Machine Performance to see what is going on the Snowmobile side of business.

To all our Motorcycle Customers. Everything remains as is. Ray has been spending countless hours on the flow bench developing packages for the new Milwaukee 8 & Indian motorcycles.

Two businesses with ONE main focus: To research & develop each motor at the highest priority.

We are proud to offer every customer the ability to have confidence in their "motor." Precision & Perfection is first rate!

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Sinister M8 Stage 1 Dyno sheet highlighted on Zipper's Performance site

HSS-Zippers Red Shift 468

March 2, 2018 - HSS is making it's mark on the V-twin performance scene as we were highlighted on Zipper's Performance web site displaying the Dyno performance results using their Red Shift 468 cam for the H-D Milwaukee 8 engine!
This dyno pull netted 106.95 peak horsepower with a 124.53 ft lbs of torque! YES! We have recipes to wake up your factory M-8 performance! Call us today!

Click this link to check it out! Zipper's Performance



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